100 AI Domains and Their Sites For Sale

Cash and/or unrestricted corporate stock gratefully accepted. All websites have or can host blogs.

Hello, 100 AI domain names (most are below,) and their completed websites, and their proprietary HTML, are for sale, this includes many X-rated AI domain names (not listed,) and their websites.

".com" domain names are still regularly used for AI websites.

'.com' domain names are the survivors, based on past actions, the public eventually will move on from '.ai'.  ".tv" is an example; it was all the rage for the video industry when .tv domains were first available but those domain extensions lost their luster.

I would prefer to sell all roughly 100 AI domains and their AI websites all at once. $100,000/offer in unrestricted corporate stock (or cash) gets it all.  Thank you.
Escrow.com can be used for the transfer, in that case I don't get any money/stock until the domain names and sites have been transferred to you.

(Most Sexually-oriented domain names and sites not listed but I'd be happy to share those with you.)

aaaaiexperts.com  aiaddresses.com   aiadvertisements.com   aiamenities.com   aiamerica.net   aiassociations.com   aidisclaimers.com   aibiographies.com   aibookstores.com   aidebuts.com   aicomplaints.com   aichurchservice.com   aichurchservices.com   aiclassifiedads.com   aidefects.com   aidepartments.com   aidescriptions.com   aidictionaries.com   aidifferences.com   aidifficulties.com   aidiplomas.com   aiboyfriends.com   aidisclosures.com   aidispute.com   aidocumentaries.com   aidonts.com   aidvds.com   aienhancing.com   aienquiries.com   aiequations.com   aipunishment.com   aievaluations.com   aifetishes.com  aiexercising.com   aifavorites.com   aifestivals.com   aibartering.com   aifigures.com   aifixes.com   aiflorists.com   aiformatting.com   aifunerals.com   aigarbage.com  aigolfing.com   aiimprovements.com   aiinquiries.com   aiinternship.com   aiinthehome.com  aiministers.com   aimales.com   aiparties.com   aineighbors.com   ainightlife.com   aiobituaries.com   aioccupations.com   aipastors.com   aipatches.com   aipersonalads.com   aipharmacies.com  aipoliticians.com   aipreferences.com   aipriests.com   aiprivileges.com   aiprocedures.com   aiprovisions.com   aiqualifications.com   aiquarterly.com   aiquotations.com   annoyingai.com   enjoyingai.com   entertainingai.com   entertainmentusingai.com   aidomainnamesforsale.com   aidomainsforsale.com   inexpensiveai.com   interracialai.com   introductoryai.com   prohibitedai.com   aiglossaries.com

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